Supporting outstanding nonprofits together.

Supporting outstanding nonprofits together.

$8,278 donated to 30 nonprofits since 2014


2018 Prize

Current Prize Total: $1,613.26



The Altruist Prize is the comprised of all 2018 donations. At the end of the year, donors vote to determine how the prize is distributed to our 12 exceptional nonprofits.

1st Place awarded 25%, 2nd Place awarded 15%, 3rd Place awarded 10%, & the remaining 9 nonprofits split the rest.

Our Nonprofits

I’ve been deeply interested in philanthropy, economics, and moral philosophy for the past decade. I started Altruist to make it easy for anyone to donate to a diverse & effective selection of nonprofits each year in a collaborative way.
Jared Janes, Altruist founder
Each month an outstanding nonprofit is selected for our yearly Prize.
Altruist is also a nonprofit, so your donations are tax deducible. However, we never take a cut and 100% of donations received are sent to our selected nonprofits.

Our Donors

Donors choose how best to donate and we make sure each dollar has an impact! Donate all at once, monthly, or even while you shop. Our aim is to make giving accessible to anyone.